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This highly popular walking tour of Canterbury tells the stories few hear, from the curious tale of the man who beat his wife but was paid back with justice, to the story about the children found within what is now Tiny Tims Tea Rooms or the haunting tales of what security guards report seeing at Canterbury Cathedral. Discover the haunting charm of this historic medieval city as your guide dressed for the occasion in top hat and flowing cloak guides you at a leisurely pace through the dark street. Suitable for families and children but be fearful because if you truly wish for the ghost hunter, he will bid you to join him!


The Canterbury Ghost Tour was established in 1995 by John Hippisley, a prominent local historian, author and  renowned local Ghost Hunter.  John saw his first ghost when he was thirteen years old at school in nearby Goudhurst. Following several sightings soon afterward and 30 years of research later, he decided Canterbury was the ideal location to conduct his ghost tours, with its rich historical background which can be traced back to pre-Roman times and the infamous murder of Thomas Becket on 29th December 1170.  Canterbury is a rich and vibrant city which welcomes visitors from all parts of the world.


John puts the success and longevity of his tour down to keeping his guests entertained, educated and suitably spooked at the same time. The Canterbury Ghost Tour has literally seen thousands of visitors in the last twenty years and constantly earns superb reviews and awards.  The Ghost Tour normally operates all year round except for public holidays.

• Celebrating 25 years of Ghost Tours

• Trip Advisor Award Winner 2013-2017

• Private tours available on request

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Haunted Canterbury by John Hippisley


This compilation of ghostly legends and spooky tales paints a vivid portrait of Canterbury,

a medieval city steeped in paranormal activity. The reader is treated to a tour of churches,

pubs, theatres and castles as the author, a renowned ghost hunter, presents a captivating image of the darker side of this Ancient World Heritage site. From the story of a tower haunted by a former Archbishop of Canterbury to various accounts of child ghosts, including one spotted by Charles Dickens, Haunted Canterbury is a chilling collection that promises

to fascinate anyone with an interest in the supernatural or the local history of this area.


The Ghost Hunter will also personally sign and dedicate your copy of Haunted Canterbury if

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