Day Time Tour


2013 will allow groups of 15 or more daytime visitors to enjoy a History tour of Canterbury accompanied by John Hippisley. The hour long tour takes in history & humour, and gives you an insight into what has made Canterbury such a popular destination for over a thousand years. Hear personal and first-hand accounts of hauntings witnessed in the city.

It is a mildly satirical and sometimes quizzical look at the hidden history of Canterbury's city centre, covering areas such as Butchery Lane, the Duel of William Corkine and Christopher Marlowe, and the role Geoffrey Chaucer played in the re-building of the City's Westgate Towers following the Poll Tax Riots of 1381, and the Great Fire which destroyed parts of the city in the 17th Century.

Daytime tour

These tales are liberally sprinkled with little gems of English Language phraseology such as 'to the bitter end' and 'raining cats & dogs'.

As the Ghost Hunter says, "I clearly remember being dragged round a city or two in the past whilst being talked 'at' rather than 'to' about history thinking that it was irrelevant and I would never use it - all I have done is to re-write the bits of the city's history and English Language that still fascinate me and I am sure will leave others with an eagerness to learn more by visiting some of the city's many fine museums and attractions".

Tour Times and Meeting Point 
We can meet you at any pre-arranged point 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs.

The Day Time Ghost Tour is for pre-booked groups of 15 only and must be reserved in advance. This is not designed for smaller groups but can with advanced notice be arranged, the minimum price will be £150.

Groups of 15 or more ONLY must reserve by phone or email


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