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Can we pay on arrival?

Paying on arrival is fine - on particularly busy nights such as Halloween weekend we request that you try to book in advance via the tickets page. If you book online you will receive a confirmation email of your booking and a payment confirmation from Pay Pal. Please ensure you bring the payment confirmation with you as proof of purchase.

Can I pay by Credit Card on arrival?

As of 1st January 2013, I can accept payments via Visa, Mastercard, and Amex in person, via an iZettle hand held terminal. It works with the wifi system at Alberrys and processes within 3 seconds. See more info on the sumup system here.

Are you open all year?

Yes, all year all weathers, no holidays for me.

I tried to book on the day of the tour but it wouldn't let me?

I close bookings 24 hours before the tour so I am sure who is coming, you can always just turn up and pay cash,  except on Halloween (31st October) when I prefer to know how many are coming,

When I clicked the pay button nothing seemed to happen so I clicked it twice, will I be charged twice?

The simple answer is yes. As stated on the tickets page, you must only click the payment button once only. Paypal is a reliable payment system and payments are deducted immediately from your account, the email confirming this is will be sent within 10 seconds of clicking the button. Please allow 15 seconds before chacking your email account for your puchase confirmation email - be sure to check your spam blocker too as it may be located there. Some people have continued clicking, they have paid up to 3 times. Your card will be debited, records of payments are checked on a daily basis, if you have been charged twice in clear condradiction of the advice stated in RED on the tickets page you will not be entitled to a refund for any sums overpaid. See our delivery policy page for full details.

I have a group of 9 adults but want a spearate tour, can I get a group discount and can I have a private tour?

Whilst I can offer a private tour, I am unable to offer a group discount to your party, however I can offer discounts at local restaurants as a rider and book the table for you too. Have a look at our tour and meal packages and see which restaurant offers what you are looking for. Tours and meals start from £35 pp, and include a Ghost Tour and a 3 course meal (but do not include alcoholic drinks or coffee)

If we have a group of less than 15 can we still get a group rate?

You may in exceptional circumstances be offered a group rate but it will not be the full group discount offered to groups of 15 or more.

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